Sun 8/05/2012 - Wee Heavy

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Sun 8/05/2012 - Wee Heavy

Postby JoeHPhil » Sat Aug 04, 2012 9:34 am

Brewing a Wee Heavy on Sunday morning, likely start between 5-6 am

The Wee Heavy will be more of a 'leftovers' beer with a heavy german influence:
9 gal batch
13 lbs Munich
13 lbs Golden Promise
1 lb Vienna
1 lb Carapils
4 oz peat malt (normally I do not put in my scottish ales, but it is a left over from the one time I did)
6 oz Roasted Barley
1/2 lb Molasses Sugar (another item I am just getting rid of)

Mash at 152, reduce the first 2 gallons to 1/2 g for caramelization

90 minute boil
1 oz fuggles first wort hop
1 oz fuggles 60 min
1 oz EKG 60 min
4 oz Williamette leaf 10 minute

Ferment with Wyeast 1728 Scottish Ale Yeast

PM if you want to watch and help clean up :)
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