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Testers needed for competition web site

Postby beermikester » Mon Sep 21, 2015 10:06 am

The software that we use for registration of entries in both Microfest and HHHC is developed by a guy named Young Martin, who is a great friend of the club. He has made some changes to his site, and is asking for help in testing the software. Any help that our members can provide will be very much appreciated, and will help ensure a better site for us to use for the upcoming HHHC competition.

His email about it is below:


I have finished the changes needed to handle the 2015 Style Guidelines in the Registration web site that I am writing. These changes were a lot more extensive than I expected. Everything looks good, but with over 125 pages, the site has gotten a bit unwieldy to do complete regression testing. I would like to ask people aid in testing. Could you pass on a request to the rest of the members in your club? The site is at http://beta.homebrewcomp.com.

It would be great if I could get 50 or 60 brewers set up with about 200 entries total. Feel free to set up both Individual and Group brewers (or Judge/Steward only) and remember to delve down into the Ciders and Meads and the new Experimental Beers, don’t just stick to the (unfamiliar) Beer categories. The ability to state style preferences and dislikes for judges and stewards is enabled, so please take advantage to test this feature, if you agree to ‘assist’ at the

If there are any questions, comments, or issues, please follow the Contact link on the web site in order to send me an email. I’ll be watching the site logs as well, but the more information and the more activity, the easier it would be to track down a bug.

If anyone wants admin access to help test behind-the-scenes, I would be glad to set that up for you. Just send an email.

Thanks for everyone that makes an entry in this Beta contest.


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