What is your favorite Slovenian/Styrian/Savinjski hop?

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What is your favorite Slovenian/Styrian/Savinjski hop?

Postby seymour » Tue Jun 03, 2014 1:06 pm

That's it: name your favorite type of Slovenian hop. These aren't as widely-known, but you've come across more than you realize, such as:

Styrian/Savinjski Golding (despite the misleading Goldings name, actually bred from English Fuggles)
Styrian Golding - Celeia
Styrian Golding B - Bobek
Super Styrian - Aurora
Styrian Dana
Styrian Atlas
Styrian Magnum

http://www.slohops.com/index.php?option ... Itemid=112

Discuss. Recipes and/or hopping schedules would be even better. As always, rebuttals to other posts are welcome, but don't forget to make your case with some background info of your own.

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