What is your favorite base malt (besides US 2-Row Pale)?

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What is your favorite base malt (besides US 2-Row Pale)?

Postby seymour » Tue Jun 03, 2014 12:57 pm

That's it. Of course we all use US Two-Row Pale malt much of the time. But what are your other favourites?

Feel free to include your opinions relating to desired flavour profiles, best beer styles, availability, cost-to-benefit considerations, favorite commercial maltsters, country of origin, etc.

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Re: What is your favorite base malt (besides US 2-Row Pale)?

Postby jeffjm » Wed Jun 04, 2014 10:31 am

Another what's-your-favorite-screwdriver question, but since work is quiet today (probably just jinxed myself) I'll bite.

I hardly ever use domestic 2-row, except for cream ales. If I ever brew an American lager, I'll use it then, too.

For American styles, I use pale ale malt, usually from Briess, because it's got a richer malt flavor that can stand up to more aggressive hopping better than 2-row. The darker-kilned ale malt also means I have much less of a concern about DMS. My English beers use Maris Otter, almost always Fawcett. For German and Belgian beers, I use Pilsener and/or Munich from either Weyermann or Best.

In general, I try to use malt from the country associated with the style I'm brewing (except Belgium, because I really don't want to keep two kinds of pilsener malt around. Belgian breweries frequently use German malt anyway, or so I've heard.)
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