All Grain Brew Day Time?

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All Grain Brew Day Time?

Postby bmizes » Sun Dec 14, 2014 10:50 pm


We did our first all grain brew today and I was wondering how long it normally takes experienced brewers to go from start to wort in the fermenter. We started getting setup at 11am and had wort in the fermenter and everything pretty much cleaned up by 5pm.

We had done an extract and steeped grain brew before this and it took us about half the time. Hopefully the extra time (and expense for the equipment) will be evident in the final product although our extract brew (an English Brown ale) was very good.

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Re: All Grain Brew Day Time?

Postby seymour » Mon Dec 15, 2014 11:18 am

You'll definitely get faster with practice. You'll implement time-saving tricks like putting everything away clean and ready to go for next time, measuring and milling your grains ahead of time, putting your grist into the mash tun and your mash water in a pot on your stove the night before, etc. If you use a 60 min single-temperature infusion mash and a 60 minute boil, if you use a powerful propane burner to increase the temperatures really fast, if you use a wort chiller to get the temperature back down really fast (especially this time of year when groundwater is so cold), then you can theoretically get your brewday down to 3-4 hours total.

On a related note, as you gain confidence, and if you have extra equipment, you'll find it doesn't really take much extra time to do two separate batches at the same time. Double the beer for approximately the same amount of time and effort.
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Re: All Grain Brew Day Time?

Postby turkeyjerky214 » Mon Dec 15, 2014 11:32 am

Remember that the more gear you have, the more you have to clean at the end of the day. Try cleaning things as you go along. Also, try to always be doing two things at once. I know a lot of people like to relax while the boil is going, but that's usually when I'm cleaning carboys and kegs. I also mill my grains while my strike and sparge water are heating. I think my record on my old system from mash-in to completely put away was around 3:45. With my single-tier setup, I mash out and fly sparge, so that adds around 30 min. Cleanup takes a little longer too since I'm not as rough as I used to be with my stuff, so overall I'm up to around 4:45 total.

6 hours for your first time isn't bad. Like Seymour said, that will drop significantly with practice.

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