Microfest apology about Free Vacation unorthodox activities

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Microfest apology about Free Vacation unorthodox activities

Postby bacchus » Wed May 05, 2010 12:04 pm

Less than ten days before this year’s Microfest, the event’s organizers – we at Lift For Life Gym – were approached by the owners of Tropical Travel Vacations with a request to be a vendor at the event. We did our best to research the company; they had no negative listings with the Better Business Bureau and the Missouri Attorney General’s office had no complaints registered against them. We agreed allow them to set up at the 2010 Microfest.

Unfortunately, Tropical Travel Vacations appears to have offended or harassed a number of our event-goers; without our knowledge, they began to repeatedly call people who filled out raffle forms to win a “free” vacation, attempting to sell them a “discounted” vacation. It is still unclear if any laws are being violated but these calls are, at best, an annoyance. For this, we are sincerely sorry. We have contacted the vendor and demanded that they cease contacting anyone whose name they collected at the Microfest. We have informed them that if they continue to contact our festival participants, we will register a complaint with the Missouri Attorney General’s office.

If you have any problems with Tropical Travel Vacations, please call us at 314.231.2337 or email us at microfest@liftforlife.org. You can also register a complaint with the Missouri Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division by calling 314.340.6816.

We deeply appreciate the loyalty of our Microfest participants, and value your support of our organization, Lift For Life Gym. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience this vendor has caused.
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