1/2 sacks -MFB Special Aromatic Best Malz Pilsen and Wheat

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1/2 sacks -MFB Special Aromatic Best Malz Pilsen and Wheat

Postby stlmalt » Sun Jul 24, 2016 10:40 am

The following extra half sacks are available on the July group order with Missouri Malt Supply.
A brewer has ordered the first half. We are looking for a second brewer for the other half.
Claim one or all 3. Email me if interested. kent at momalt dot com

1/2 sack MFB Special Aromatic Malt (27.5 Lbs). $30.83
1/2 sack of Best Malz Pilsen Malt (27.5 Lbs). $28.80
1/2 sack of Best Malz Wheat Malt (27.5 Lbs). $29.61

Special Aromatic Malt

Has a light toast and most similar to Vienna malt, yet different. Adds a deep golden color. About 5 L.

Here is the description on this malt from Brewing Techniques-

Special aromatic malt: Specially produced for a few Belgian brewers. Selected Prisma or Nevada barley undergoes a particular process (strong sprouting and specific kilning with returning), which favors the development of a very regular aroma and the characteristics required for Belgian and other aromatic styles. Gives a pleasant aromatic taste, reinforced by a soft and mellow mouthfeel, and lends a slightly darker color to the beer. Highly modified and specially kilned. Grain is grown in the north of France and processed at the Prouvy plant. Odor of mash: very aromatic. Degree of clarity: clear. Rate of filtration: normal.


email: kent at momalt dot com
Missouri Malt Supply in Fenton
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